3 Great Tips For Hosting A Memorable Barbecue Party In Winter

The start of the year may not seem like the best time for a barbecue, but if you're looking to take your grill for a spin, hosting a winter barbecue party can be a very unique way to get all your friends and family together. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make use of your usual summer clothes, but by taking the following into consideration, you should be well on your way to hosting a memorable event:

Cook Outside, Eat Inside

When it comes to planning your winter barbecue, you have two options – cook outdoors or cook inside. Whilst your logical brain may be swaying towards the latter, cooking outdoors will allow you to make use of your large barbecue grill, which everyone likes to put to good use. Cooking outside will also give you more room to maneuver, which means you can invite more guests to your rather unique barbecue party.

Of course, you don't want your guests to suffer from the bone-chillingly cool winter nights. Therefore, once you've served up everyone's favorite food, take the party inside to take advantage of your home's heating system. After your guests have finished eating, you can serve up some warm desserts or hot drinks to really get into the feeling of winter.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Grill

Before throwing some steaks on the grill, you have to be a little bit tactical about where to situate your barbecue. The winter months mean high winds in many areas, which, if you're not smart about it, could completely ruin your barbecue party. In order to keep your steaks sizzling and your burgers braising, look for a sheltered spot in your yard.

Ideally, you should take advantage of any shelter offered by your house; moving your grill as close to your home as possible should help deflect some of the incoming wind. However, remember to be extremely careful with this. You should never fire up your barbecue in an enclosed porch area or in a poorly ventilated outhouse. If your barbecue fumes aren't allowed to escape naturally into the environment, there could be a build-up of smoke, which could potentially become dangerous. Therefore, look for a spot that offers shelter but still allows the fumes from your grill to escape into the air outside.  

Cook the Right Foods

As much as you may want to throw some king-size burgers on the grill for your barbecue party, it often isn't the best idea in winter. Not only will your barbecue take longer to heat up, but you won't want to be standing outside in the freezing cold for any lengthy period of time. Therefore, it's best to cook food that will heat up a bit quicker, allowing you and your guests to slip inside for some well-needed warmth.

Hot dogs, fish and bratwursts are great for a quick fix, but you can also cook some thin steaks if you're in a hurry. To stay in the winter spirit, you can serve your food with a rich, thick sauce that will warm the bellies of your guests. If you are cooking vegetables or anything else that may need a bit of preparation, you can do this in the kitchen before heading outside. This will reduce your time in the cold and ensure your guests aren't left waiting for their food.

Barbecue parties aren't a staple of the winter social calendar, but by making the above adjustments, you will be able to host a great event that your guests won't quickly forget. Just don't forget to tell your guests to wrap up well in advance! If you're having a bigger party than you can realistically prepare for, such as a business event or family reunion, contact a company like Bassett Caterers.