How To Plan The Food For Your Next Family Reunion

Having a family reunion might just be one of the highlights of your year. However, if you're in charge of planning the food for the reunion, you might be feeling a bit overloaded. From planning menus to hiring a food truck, here are some suggestions that might help you to plan delicious meals for your family members.

Think About Getting Help From Other Family Members

Even though others in your family might be busy with things like planning activities or being in charge of accommodations, there still might be somebody who is willing to give a helping hand.

  • Perhaps an older member of the family who is not overly involved could help you to plan the menus. A grandmother or an older aunt, for instance, will more than likely have a lot of experience in knowing what people like.
  • While you plan your menus, think of the expertise in your group. For example, if there are members of the family who are known for pie making, ask them to provide desserts for one or more meals.
  • Another idea is to consider who is good at grilling foods outside. That person is probably proud of his or her reputation and would more than likely be happy to step in to take care of at least one meal.

Make Things Easy On Yourself And On Everybody Else

The focus of your family reunion is to be together and to have a good time. Nobody wants to be a slave in the kitchen and nobody wants to see you working while they're having fun. With that in mind, choose to make things simple.

  • For example, there's no crime in having things like cereals and store bought muffins for breakfast. Add a bowl of different fruits and various beverages and you'll be providing a delicious and simple meal to start the day.
  • Think of having a food truck come to a specific location. For example, if you are wanting a picnic at a certain park, hire a food truck service that will deliver things like Mexican food right to the specified location.
  • Hiring a food truck will delight your family, as you may have never done that before. You'll be surprised at how affordable hiring food truck is. In addition, the food will be delicious and satisfying.

Think about having a meeting after your reunion to get input from other family members. If you're asked to be in charge of food again, that input could be very valuable.