Five Tips For Ordering Catered Lunch For A Seminar

If you are hosting a seminar that takes place over the lunch hour, then you'll want to supply lunch for your attendees. Ordering lunch may sound simple at first, but a good lunch may mean the difference between an okay seminar experience and a great one. Here are five tips for ordering catered lunch at a seminar.

Have it delivered early.

There are few things worse than having the speaker finish, and then having to ask your attendees to wait until lunch arrives. Arrange to have the food delivered about 15 minutes before you think you will need it. This way, if the speaker finishes a bit early, everyone can move seamlessly on to lunch without having to wait.

Include a vegan option.

These days, more and more people are following vegetarian and vegan diets. Make sure you include a vegan selection when you order food. Subs, sandwiches, and salads are all easy to find in vegan varieties. Don't worry -- anyone who is a lacto-ovo vegetarian can eat vegan food, too. It's best to choose a fully vegan option rather than a vegetarian one since vegetarian food may contain milk or eggs that the vegans in the crowd won't eat.

Get toppings on the side.

If you are ordering sandwiches or salads, ask the caterer to put any toppings, sauces, or dressings on the side. This allows your diners to customize their food, which ensures more people are happy with the selection. Also, try to get several varieties of the same item. For example, if you are ordering subs, try ordering chicken, roast beef, and veggie subs.

Offer something sweet.

Seminars can be a bit stressful for the speakers and for those listening. Break up the stress by including some cookies or ice cream in the lunch! People will enjoy the little touch of sweetness after their main course. Include a tray of vegan cookies or coconut milk ice cream for those on vegan or dairy-free diets.

Allow plenty of time.

Nobody likes feeling rushed when they eat. Plus, your attendees will want to mingle a little and talk about what they have heard presented already. Always allow at least 30 minutes for lunch in your schedule. A full hour is even better if you can manage it.

With the tips above, the dining time at your seminar will be more enjoyable, and your attendees will feel nourished and satisfied. You can contact companies like Pharmaceutical Lunch Specialist for more information.